Tuition Policies

2021-2022 New Dance Center Policies

• Dance Year is September – June.

• Registration Fee of $20 per child, $10 each additional; non-refundable.

• By registering, paying for, and child attending class I agree to all Dance Center’s Policies, Guidelines and Rules.

• A minimum enrollment of 5 students is required for a class to occur. We reserve the right to cancel a class if minimum enrollment is not met or maintained.

• Payments are due on 1st of each month via ACH (see Gia to set up). Each family must keep a checking account on file for monthly tuition payments. Your tuition will be deducted from your account on the first of the month. I am happy to guide you through this process. If you prefer to pay by cash, check or Venmo, tuition must be received by 10th of each month. If tuition has not been received by the 10th of the month we will charge your account on file.

• Failure to pay Past 10th of month $25 late fee assessed; past 20th of month $10 late fee assessed; then every 10 days/$10 assessed. Returned payment fee $30

• No cash refund or credits. Including Pay In Full Option; ask for details.

• Each class guaranteed to meet a minimum of 30 times during year; not including Picture Week, School Vacations, Holiday Breaks; if less, make-up classes will be scheduled

• Studio closing info will be emailed, posted on DCD Facebook and Instagram

• June 2021 Tuition is a full month due to dress rehearsal and recital dates costs.

Recital & Costume Information 

New Policy - Costumes are purchased ready-made and cost $75.00 for children’s sizes and $85 + for adult sizes, each, including postage & handling. Costume payments in full are due October 30, 2021. After costumes are ordered (November 2021) there are no refunds or cancellations. Tickets will be sold in May. More details will be given. Dress Rehearsal and Recital are in June (tentative) and are mandatory. Detailed info to be sent in the Fall.


The Dance Center of Danvers Rules:

1. No Running, Fighting, Horse-play in facility.

2. No leaving the facility unless accompanied by an adult/permission.

3. No gum in the facility.

4. No Yelling or vulgar language in the facility.

5. Not liable for injury, stolen property, etc.

6. Do not touch Dance Center equipment.

7. If needed a staff member or assistant will assist your child in the bathroom; please inform us if this is required.

As the Student’s parent or legal guardian, I give consent for the Student to take part in all phases of dance activities. I understand and agree to cooperate with all Dance Center of Danvers’ regulations, policies, and procedures or other guidelines. In case of an emergency, when the undersigned or other person cannot be reached, I give permission to The Dance Center of Danvers to take any emergency measures deemed appropriate. It is understood that all reasonable efforts will be made to contact parent/guardian. I understand that when taking part in Dance Center activities, the Student may be photographed for print, video, electronic imaging, Facebook, website, Instagram, etc. I understand that images may be used in promotional and fundraising materials and they are the sole property of The Dance Center of Danvers.

By signing and/or participating in Dance Center Classes, I agree to all that it contains as well as any and all info provided to me by The Dance Center of Danvers today or in the future.