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About DCD


The Dance Center was established in the very cultural community of Danvers, MA in 1972. This highly visible, professional dance studio has provided hundreds of children with the opportunity to study dance, both recreationally and competitively throughout the years.


Dance training not only gives you grace, coordination, rhythm, and a strong body, but in the young years of a child’s development, dance training teaches the importance of activating the mind and body as one, the ability and appreciation to work artistically with others and the opportunity to express creativity from which there is no medium as such. Your child will learn to respect others as well as themselves, establish social and personal graces, and develop sound work habits.


This school is dedicated to teaching children and teenagers correct dance techniques at all levels in a professional, hard-working and happy atmosphere. We want our students to feel proud of their achievements as well as be prepared to continue in the professional dance world if desired. At The Dance Center, our classes consist of barre and center exercises, progressions across the floor, and choreographed routines. The exercises allow for constant repetition so that proper technique will be achieved. Choreographed routines allow students to incorporate these steps into a real dance. Students begin training in a basic level class based according to age, ability, and level of training. As your child progresses they will be promoted to a more advanced class level.


Our goal is to provide a unique and positive experience for children who truly love to dance (and perform) without the rigors, cost, and time consumption of year-round competition.


At the Dance Center of Danvers, we are dedicated to making sure our students fully develop their talents and achieve their goals. We are serious about your child’s progress and we are glad you are interested in our school.


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