Includes Pre-Ballet, Stretching, Motor Coordination, Creative Movement and Tap.  Intended to develop interests and skills in preparation for further training.  Introdance II is similar to Introdance I, but with movements and steps geared towards the next level.



This form of Dance is the foundation of all other types of dance technique.  Proper training enhances coordination, creates balance and flexibility.  Emphasis is on clarity, precision, correct technique and body mechanics.  All of these pieces enable the student to develop the polished, classical look for a dancer which will over-flow into all other phases of dance and other aspects of life.



Includes stretching, center floor exercises, progressions and choreographed routines in both jazz and tap.  Jazz is an exciting form of dance frequently seen on television, stage and films.  It combines the discipline of correct technique training with the emphasis on over-all conditioning, stamina and developing different performance styles.  Tap is a dance form that expresses an intricate rhythmic pattern to various types of music.  It develops flexibility, coordination, balance, timing and is fun to do!  It is very useful to those interested in musical theater or professional performing.



Contemporary dance is a dance performance genre that developed during the mid twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. It helps students with emotionally connecting to music, technique and being versatile. 



Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elementsAcro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. 



Musical theatre dance is the study of Broadway dance styles.  Students will learn Broadway-style choreography and show-stopping stage presence.  They will learn the fundamentals of acting, theatrical improvisation and will be taught how to incorporate these skills into their dancing.



This class will combine Ballet and Jazz technique and focus on emotional expression.  A Ballet and Jazz background will help the dancer succeed in executing the technical requirements of this class.



Popular dance style of the 21st century.  Learn all of the latest video and “club” moves while getting a great cardiovascular and aerobic workout.  Hip Hop not only reinforces the basic premise of Jazz class (body isolation), but strengthens and tones the entire body.  When added to a dancer’s regular curriculum, Hip Hop improves coordination and endurance, and enhances performance skills.  Great exercise and lots of fun for dancers of all ages and levels!



Gemstone Levels were created for those students interested  in a more intensified and involved dance experience.  Ballet is required for all gem dancers and solos and duos are offered solely to gem dancers at the teachers discretion.  We are creating lasting friendships and memories while learning proper technique and performance skills.  Our goal is to provide a unique and positive experience for children who truly love to dance.